Pennsylvania Turnpike 1940's Vintage Photo

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is a toll highway system operated by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, United States. The three sections of the turnpike system total 532 miles. The main section extends from Ohio to New Jersey and is 359 miles long. The 110-mile Northeast Extension extends from Plymouth Meeting in the southeast to Wilkes-Barre and Scranton in the northeast. The various access segments in Western Pennsylvania total 62 miles.

Marlene Dietrich 1930's Still Photograph

This is an original period 1930's publicity still photograph of Marlene Dietrich wearing a top Hat and Tuxedo. Photographer is Alfred Eisenstadt. Stamped with Chris Young collector's stamp on back of image. On medium weight photographic paper. Numbered in negative.

Antique Photograph Theater Girl Circa 1900's Paris

Here is a antique photograph of a Theater girl in Paris during the early 1900's. This photo is especially neat because it was hand tinted. Hand tinting a photo is a neat process because its applied by brush. This gave the photos during this period more realistic coloring.

Vintage Snapshot Photograph Girl Dancing

Here's a very different and unique vintage snapshot photograph dating to around the 1940's maybe even into the 1950's. What caught my eye about this photo is that the girl seems to be dancing in the middle of a field. The landscape scene really sets this vintage photo off. The photo measures 2.75 x 4.5 inches. However a crease lies right in the middle of the photo. I'm not completely sure, but maybe another photo from this set is out there somewhere. If any one has another photo from this set, I would love to see it!

Some Vintage Dancing Photographs on eBay!

Vintage Children Photos Circa 1890-1920

Here is a lovely vintage french photograph of 3 children. Seems like 2 of them are sleepy and the other is eating. This photograph is was most likely taken for a postcard company during the late 1910's to early 1920's. This is a great example of the silent type of humor used in during the turn of the century.

If I'm not mistaken, written at the top of this old photo is German. So I'm thinking this is a vintage photograph of an German child during the early 1900's. The photograph was also hand tinted to give color and depth within the child and background. This was a lovely find.

I'm not too sure about this history of this photograph. I just thought it was cool because the child is standing in a chair and to the right side is somebody holding the baby up. Mostly this is an unusual photograph mainly because someone holding the baby up. Either way, I think its a cool photo

Vintage Children Photographs on eBay!

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Actor Douglas Fairbanks Vintage 1927 Movie Photo

Actor DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, SR. rare vintage 1927 authentic original signed doubleweight photograph by famed photographer CHARLES E. LYNCH (as evidenced by his credit stamp on the lower left corner of the recto). This fantastic heavy weight photo showing Fairbanks as a swashbuckler is autographed with a black ink fountain pen.

SIZE: approx. 7 1/2" X 9 1/2"

TONE: sepia toned
FINISH: texturized matte - gorgeous in person!

OTHER: double weight paper stock

CONDITION:  Excellent with a couple of very small scratches on recto and extremely light remnants of a scrapbook page on the upper portion of the verso. JUST BEAUTIFUL CONDITION.

1920's Sepia Photograph Zeigfeld Follie Girl

1920s gelatin silver photographs that were used by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago Illinois in the creation and manufacture of Arcade / Mutoscope Cards which were dispensed in coin operated arcade machines during the early 20th century. These photographs were created by top photographers of the era some are marked  "Alta Studios" while the majority are unidentified.  These photographs were posed and shot for the specific purpose of creating vending machine cards, the images are daring for the day and pushing the societal envelope to be sure--these reflected popular culture tastes and perhaps created it in many regards. The cards were given flirty jazz-age titles that were often times double-entendre based and the arcade cards were collected and circulated as trading cards. There were many genres - sports stars, movie stars, and of course, bathing beauties, burlesque performers and pin-up girls. These original unique proof photographs are incredible as you will see - we are excited about these to say the least.

This is an original 1920s gelatin silver photograph that measures 8" by 10" with margins -  A pretty scantilly clad Follies Girl - who is posed as a living Grecian statue  - A spirited view and lovely model in a characteristic and vain art deco jazz-age pose - This is a rare old document as seen an original gelatin silver photograph on a double weight paper with great clarity and crispness and tones.

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